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Autumn activities pack

This Autumn we have a special offer in which you will pay for two part-time activities, those will be proposed by Aquaventur depending on the season and the weather and, of course, accepting likes and suggestions of the participants.

The activities will be two of the following ones:

Etnology and nature interpretative routes:

Our customers are more and more aware of the nature and, also, they have more experience, that is why they ask us for ecotourism activities designed to know and understand the landscapes and the people that lives here. To satisfy this demand we propose guided trips with one or some of the next themes:

The bellow of the deer that live either in the Alto Tajo Natural Reserve or in the Sierra de Albarracín. With this activity we want you to hear this beautiful sound. The rapprochement into their habitat will be made under our guide advices, we won't disturb the deer. The best hours to do this activity are sunrise and sunset. In this activity we also will learn about the bellow and we will be told about deer habits.

Ethnological route: Ancient buildings lost in the forest (like the parideras). The legends from Taravilla and the surrounding area get mixed with very important historical events. We will revive them in situ. We will see the ancient transhumant ways and the forgotten valleys that where used by armies.

Nature interpretative route: We will learn how to recognise the main plants, flowers, animals and minerals. The big rocky places, the forest and the river: from the griffon vulture habitat, in the limestone hill protrusions, to the territory of the otter, under the thick gallery forest in the bottom of the valley.

Guided trekking in zones where we will see different mycology species.

Geocaching. Using a GPS we will try to find a surprise object hidden in the forest.

Matchmaker's route: We will visit the main interest places related to works made by the matchmakers. All the natural obstacles they had to overcome to transport the wood from its origin to the place where it was needed.

The activity is expected to be 3 hours and a half long, but it can be longer. The theme of the activity will be offert according to the season and weather and the client likes and dislikes.

Adventure sports:

Archery or abseiling.

Visit to a cave. Introduction to speleology. We will see the different speleothems (stalactites, bodies of water, etc.)

The activity is expected to be 3 hours long.

The activities are planned to be as introductory as possible, that way everybody (from children to adults) can enjoy these experiences.

Aquaventur has chosen to offer these activities because they are the best activities to be done in Autumn and, everybody can do them. These activities allow us to see beautiful landscapes. The activities are led by professionals that will teach the participants how to do the activities.

The price of the activity includes: sport and security equipment, administrative authorities and insurances. The VAT is included in the price.

In Autumn and Winter we offer guided routes in 4x4, these cars are the only option to arrive to some of the most beautiful places of the area. Also, these cars are the best way to see different areas where we can go for a walk and enjoy the wonderful landscapes. Some of the routes are: the panoramic route of Los Miradores, the waterfalls route or we can do some trips all along the forest trails of the Alto Tajo.

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