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Activities for schools and summer camps

We have different activities that can be combinated, depending on the group and its needs:


- Kayaking + Visit to a cave

Location: Molino de Chincha’s reservoir

This activity is always carried out in calmwaters (without rapids). We can also choose specific areas of the river Tajo to practice it.

Boats: Kayak for two or three

Minimum recommended age: 4 years old.

Duration (approx.): half-day activity

Price per person: 15 €


- Canoe descent + orientation circuit

Location: Alto Tajo natural Park

The canoe descent is done in one of the easiest rapids zone of the river Tajo. This activity is complemented with a high environmental value route.

Boats: Double or triple canoe (most advanced participants can use an individual canoe)

Minimum recommended age: 7 years old

Duration (approx.): A whole day

Price per person: 25 €


Hiking routes with high environmental value.- Price per person 8 €

 - Sierra de Albarracin.

Río Blanco’s ravine - Calomarde’s waterfall

Cave paintings and sandstone

Bezas and Rubiales lakes


- Alto Tajo Natural Park

Cabrillas’ Valley

Taravilla’s lake - Salto de Poveda

Las Tobas’s font - La Gitana


- Serranía de Cuenca

Molino de Chincha’s reservoir


 The activities (and prices) were created for groups of at least 20 people. If your group is smaller, contact us! We’d love to create a custom budget for you.


Transport and food are not included in our activities.


All our activities include: Equipement, instructor, civil liability and accidents insurances.


Price - €
Mininmum participants 20
Minimum required age -
Price per participant

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