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Mayos 2013

Flores nevadas

Hi friends!

Ya estamos a treinta del abril cumplido,
alégrate maña, que mayo ha venido.

Si ha venido mayo bienvenido sea,
florido y hermoso con la primavera ….....

I was singing these old songs, when suddenly I dropped a incredible snowstorm.

It has been so spectacular, all place have covered with the white element, and more to be in Spring seemed that we were at Christmas. But despite everything, and evil which gets upset at the time, in the Sierra de Albarracín, the Alto Tajo, in Teruel, in short everywhere, Spring fight out, and the boys take their guitars to sing to the girls the night of April 30, and the girls leave to shine his eyes with the beautiful jacks of the mayos.

Ah! I put the tip feathers...

A great pioc of Kingfisher

Martín Pescador