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Motorland 2013

Good morning my dear friends of water

Since I started my career these skies of Teruel, hovering around the places where water and fish live, I have seen many things, but, above all, that most caught my attention, is the evolution of Motor Circuit in Alcañiz around its Estanca.

Years ago, when I first visited the city, I found it shocking that, in this beautiful village of Aragon, there existed an urban circuit, thatcould only be compared with the MonteCarlo.

Now, for the sake of increased security precautions, and since the late 1990s, has started a project and built a modern space of art away from the city, around la Estanca, collecting all the energy intense automotive tradition, pioneer in the Organization of sporting events, that characterizes this area with the name from MotorLand,.

I wanted to tell you is that on the 27th and 28th MotorLand Aragon will celebrate the first test of this seasonal 2013 of the World Series by Renault and this event will be open and free for all which you can see here.

Well, I'll give me a dip to the step Waterproof and see the whole event.

Greetings to all followers of Kingfisher

Martín Pescador