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Enjoy with your dog in Alto Tajo Natural Park

Piragüismo con perro



With us you’ll have the opportunity to share with your pet this adventure in the forest and, also, the tranquility of life in a village. You can stay in “La Casa de los piragüistas”  and then do one of our activities accompanied by your best friend.

We rent La Casa de los Piragüistas for groups of minimum 6 and maximum 10 people, and for at least 2 nights. For long stays (7 nights or more) 100 € per night.

* We don’t apply extra chargers for pets (if house rules are respected)

Accomodation: for 6 people 132 €/night

Accomodation: for 8 people 160 €/night

Accomodation: for 10 people 180 €/night


If you want to experience kayak with your dog or just enjoy together the Alto Tajo Natural Park, these activities are what you’re searching for!

Price per dog and activity: 15 €.

We love nature and animals! That’s why we designed these activities to make you connect, always guided by our experienced instructors, with the Alto Tajo Natural Park essence.

We organize these activities:


Aqua trekking

- Hiking

* We need a group of at least 6 people to organice the activities that appear in the least above

Please, contact us if you want us to customize your experience! We’d love to organize something for you and your group



Please, before booking one of our activities think about your dog’s tastes: maybe you’d love to do kayaking but your pet is afraid of water. Animals usually enjoy any activity we share with them but we must bear in mind that not all activities are appropriate for all dogs.

El descanso del guerrero

Please, keep in mind that our guides are experts in the activities they lead but they are not dog trainers.



Price - €
Mininmum participants 6
Minimum required age -
Price per participant

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